The Gronholm Band

Welcome to the Unofficial Gronholm Band website. The Gronholm Band is a metal/progressive rock band based in Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland. They are signed to independent label, Lion Records. The band has been together since 2009 and during this time have produced two studio albums.

The band is quite popular throughout Europe, noting influences such as: David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, Rush, Alice Cooper, and Billy Idol.

The band is not currently on tour, and there are no plans to bring their music to the United States in the immediate future.

Band Members

The Gronholm Band is comprised of three members:

  • Mika Grönholm: Guitars, bass, synths
  • Markku Kuikka: Vocals
  • Tom Rask: Drums


Gronholm has two albums.

  • Eyewitness of Life (2010)
  • Silent Out Loud (2011)

Since we’re not affiliated with the group, we don’t sell their music here, but for interested fans, the Gronholm band’s music is available on MySpace, Spotify, and iTunes.


Gronholm Music